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Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramide Caplet Serum & Eye Gel

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This is a waaaay  overdued post but its better late than never! And this comes at no better time than at the start of a new year, and start of a new lifestyle...being someone entering her late-twenties. You know how we're usually told by beauty advisors that anti-aging defense needs to begin from your twenties, since young skin is more receptive to products' effects. As a twenty-something, I feel that urgency but am lost at times how to choose one that does not cause me to break out due to the rich ingredient makeup.

The detrimental effects of Psychological stress on skin is inevitable; manifesting as  dullness, redness, dryness and even fine lines. Internally, stress accelerates the depletion of ceramides; the molecules that help keep skin healthy and support the skin’s matrix, especially cutting the lifespan of telomeres, which is responsible for cell replication. In the grand scheme: this breaks down the skin’s protective barrier, antioxidant capabilities and healing properties which results in uneven texture / tone and the loss of radiance and luminosity. 

In enters the Elizabeth Arden Future Flawless line, which is specially targetting the skincare needs of late twenties somethings to early thirties who are encountering fine lines and stressed skin, but do not need the overly rich ingredients of a mature anti-aging line. Apart from the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Caplet Serum & Eye Gel that I'll be reviewing shortly, the range also has a day cream which has 2 moisture creams; one imbued with SPF for day and night. 

The Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Ceramide Caplet ($89,30ml) is perhaps one of the prettiest skincare I own. Essentially, its a clear, gelish-looking serum conatining suspended caplets that resembles pearls. This keeps the active ingredient fresh for better results, each caplet contains a Second Skin Protective Matrix designed to burst upon dispersing prdoduct, thus mixing with the powerful ingredients as a double boost.

The crux of this range is the Ceramide Skin Identical Matrix, Telosense™, Skin Brighteners and Pore Refiners which is fast-absorbing and helps to fortify skin’s protective barrier to help improve its resistance to fine lines. When dispensed it releases a Second Skin Protective Matrix, which is a non-occlusive (meaning to create a 'film of sorts to retain moisture_ shield that helps protect skin from the environment, and combines with the serum to activate the formula.

Despite my face being an combination type, I feel that its does not provide as much moisturization as I would have expected from a gel-based serum. However, I do like the watery (and pretty shimmery-ness) of the serum which spreads easily on to face. I prefer patting gently into skin for absorption: it feels slightly sticky but i . I am pleased to declare that this is good for a skin-type like mine which easily breaks out for too rich a product. I did note a slight sheen after application (perhaps thanks to the caplet) but I kind of took advantage of this to provide a kind of brightening effect when I layer my makeup on top. After a 2 week usage, I feel that skin looks clarified and more radiant. 

The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide eye gel ($69, 15ml) instantly brightens as it fights the signs of stress and fatigue around the eyes. Reinforces skin in the delicate eye area to reduce the look of existing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. 

According to a six week consumer test:

  • 73% of women reported improved brightness around the eyes
  • 70% felt stress and fatigue around the eyes were relieved
The Flawless Future Ceramide Eye gel is unique: containing Mica, Soft Focus Silicones & Pearlescent Pigments; optical diffusers that deflect light to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while brightening up the eyes. Sodium Hyaluronate that helps draw and retain moisture into the skin and smooth the appearance of fines lines. Vitamin E Acetate, an antioxidant to fight the effects of damages by free radical, as well as Algae Extract Complex which is rich in polysaccharides such fucans and galactans, to lighten dark circles and decrease the puffiness. 

The eye gel transitions to a watery state and when patted gently in, it's fast absorbing and leaving my eye are moisturized without feeling sticky and clammy. After about 2 weeks of usage, I do feel that my dark circles are brightened and the puffiness had appeared to become less swollen in appearance, albeit being abit slow-reacting for me. One good thing I did notice is that dry spots around my eye area were actually incidentally hydrated when applied and eventually disappeared so I do believe this would be great for people having that problem.

The above reviewed Flawless Future Ceramide Eye Gel and Caplet Serum are currently retailing in the all Elizabeth Arden beauty counters.

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Thank you Elizabeth Arden for having us!

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