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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Get a Slimmer V-shape face with Refa Carat Roller!

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There is an abundance products in the beauty market out there; almost a gadget for any body part but I'd dare say only a handful for the face. In enters ReFa Carat, a beauty massage gadget inspired after the kneading techniques of professional therapists; and the innovative creation of by leading Japanese beauty & wellness company MTG. Raved by celebrities like Madonna and Cristiano Ronaldo, I simply had to put this unique gadget to the test. 

Nothing overly gimmicky, the design of the rollers is simple. This waterproof, platinum coated fits ergonomically in hand, and its 2 rounded, drainage rollers imitates the motion of manual lymphatic drainage, creating a gentle upward pull and release, which upon continous use can help to tone skin elasticity. ReFa Carat absorbs light through a solar panel to produce a weak electrical “microcurrent” that is similar to the body’s own natural producing current, something believed to keep skin looking firm and supple. 

The Refa Carat is recommended to be used for both face and body, especially in bath or after bathing, when the skin is most relaxed. The trick is to run the gadget along the lines of your body with medium strength such that roller can 'pinch' up skin. Simply roll it back and forth to stimulate slimming. 

For the most part, I like using it for my face for obvious double chin concerns (all that late night binge eating certainly took its toll on this writer. Positioning in along the contours of my face from the marionette line (the blue dotted line), I repeat the motion about 20 times on both side. I do feel that my jawline looks slowly but surely firming up after about 2 weeks of use. Don't expect an immediate miraculous slimming result, it takes a disciplined routine of using the gadget everyday to achieve it. 

I realise the ReFa Carat is also great as a massage tool, and my family certainly agrees so. For a relaxing head and neck massage, position the ReFa CARAT on the sides of the face and roll it backwards to the crown, and repeat action. This is my own personal recommendation though, its main usage is for slimming but I feel the faceted ball rollers give a great textured 

Its a pretty nifty gadget, and its definitely got my family clammering to use. It may be abit on the pricey side when you think about it at first, but for a single tool with a multitude of use, backed up by the Japanese research into wellness, it could be quite a justified buy as well since its durable to last for a long time. 

The Refa Carat is currently retailing at S$380; and can be purchased on the MTG website! Do also follow them on the MTG  Facebook page for the latest news and  promotions.


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