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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Laneige Sleeping Beauty Launch + Review: Laniege Water Sleeping Mask & Lip Sleeping Mask

For one very special night, I was drawn into a the beautiful world of Laneige, where we allowed an exclusive preview of a certain best-selling star product, hosted at the stunning W Singapore. Judging from the theme of the party, can you guess which one can it be?

And here are the lovely fellow blogging company I had that night...looking beautiful everyone!

Besides schmoozing. we also got to hand-dye our very own bouquet of flowers to bring home. Its pretty simple, you simply pick a color of choice, cut the stem of the bloom and place it in the colored ink for it to absorb.

Of course, what's a great beauty regime if you do not have the quality sleep to recharge the body? Acebed was also there as one of its partners; apt since it is the No. 1 bed & mattress brand in South Korea and has won many prestigious awards for its use of advanced science to improve sleep wellness!

To say we got the royal treatment was an understatement. Not only was the place beautifully decorated to boot, Laneige had also taken pains in curating an  artisan fine-dining menu that was delicious beyond words.

Of course, we came to the highlight of the event, where Ms Doreen of the Laneige group unveiled the highly anticipated, newly reformulated Sleeping Water Mask pack. This improved version comes after much intensive clinical research studies about the link between skin's condition in relation to the quality of sleep. Without the usual 8 hours of rest, skin appears dull and lacklustre as it cannot undergo its natural rejuvenation process.

Thankfully, this is where salvation comes in. 

 Laniege Water Sleeping Mask

Alert: Holy grail beauty item here.

Laneige's hero product, the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (70ml, $42) is now back better than ever. I opened up the new casing which may I just say, look sleeker than ever with its 'frosted' packaging. A light refreshing scent that greeted me is a natural fragrant blend of Orange flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood Oil; which relaxes and lull the body into fitful sleep. (This is actually backed by clinical data, which showed that this aromatherapy prolonged deep sleep by 36%, which is vital to skin’s regenerative ability.) Interesting concept! 

But its not just a change in scent; this baby's is a new and improved version of the former's   Purifying and moisturizing powers. The reformulated version contains Sleeptox™ which is a purification technology that repairs the damages caused by free radicals in the day but also rejuvenate skin to its optimal condition through the night. How does it do it? 

By stopping skin cells degeneration with 2 vital ingredients: Hunza Apricot extract which is packed with Vit B and antioxidants, boosts and strengthens the detoxification and purification ability of the skin. It is also coupled with nourishing Evening Primrose Root extract to aid skin in purging contaminants from the skin that has been accumulated in the day.

And to tackle how skin tends to lose hydration during the night, the new Water Sleeping masks has Moisture Wrap™; a moisture-rich beta-glucan mineral (a natural compound that helps with skin repair) network that forms a porous moisture film to lock in moisture and stabilizes the effective ingredients in SleeptoxTM so it can be continuously delivered deep into the skin throughout 8 hours.

Its watery-jelly like consistency is not very different from the past ones I've used. It starts off as a translucent white gel that becomes clear and watery as you massage it into skin. It leaves skin feeling as though you've splashed water onto face, keeps it delightfully hydrated but without the tacky after-feel that stains pillows.

I've tried so many sleeping masks, but I find myself aways coming back to the Laneige Sleeping Mask. Noticeably, I realize that I fall asleep better thanks to the soothing scent that I indulge in whiffing before applying. A moderate layer actually leaves my skin looking dewy and visibly moisturised the next day, especially drier patched on the cheeks and around the nose. And I like how my complexion looks more glowy even after a mere 6 hours of sleep! #salvationforlatebloggingnight

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This all new item certainly piqued my interest! 

The all-new LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask (20g, $27), like the Sleeping Mask mentioned above, is also formulated with the powerful Moisture Wrap™ to give the hydration boost since moisture is during sleep. It's also coupled with vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex™, a nutritious blend of 8 types of berries – raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, gojiberry, soapberry, cloudberry, and coffee berry!

I used the little rubbery spatula applicator that came neatly packed with the Lip Sleeping Mask. It yield easily with little pressure when scooping it, with a consistency that reminds me of a soft waxy Vaseline balm. This lip mask also has a delicious fruity berry fragrance that reminds me of a jelly, but please refrain from licking it off. It goes really buttery soft onto the lips, and spreads out into a more watery texture. 

 My lips tend to be dried and wrinkled from the daily addiction to lipstick; so applying this after a long day was a godsend. The mask paste becomes a slightly white texture that slowly disappears as it gets absorbed into lips, melting away the dead skin to review supple new skin that looks smooth and plump.

I also love how versatile the Laneige Lip Sleeping mask can be! For special events, I use it as a lip primer of sorts by applying a layer on my lips while working on the rest of my makeup. By the time I'm done (10-15 mins later), I simply tissue off before putting on my lip color. Lipstick applied stays longer on without bleeding out, and the color distibution looks better! Of course, using it conventionally is still the best, as a twice weekly therapy I'm impressed at how plumped up and lucious my puckers are, with absolutely no flaking and my natural lip shade looks more vivid than ever.

I am really in love with the newly launched masks bigtime, what is't there to love about it? I would especially recommend this for people with dry skin or due for long haul flights for an additional moisturizing boost. Both sleeping masks reviewed here will be retailing at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques from 7 May 2015 onwards, so do look out for it! 

A sincere thank you to the hardworking Laneige team and Touch PR for always going the extra mile to make each event so special! 

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