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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brighter alluring eyes... with Heroine Make 1-Day UV Contact Lens!

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I'm not usually adventurous about changing my eye color, because I always had the impression that the hues available out there on the market looks pretty artificial. So when SEED, a long time Japanese optical lenses company invited me for their gorgeous launch at Antoinette, I was quite interested to see if they could be the ones who prove me wrong.

Antoinette served up some truly delectable desserts (how beautiful is the setting?!) and beauty partner Heroine Make was also there to give a hands on to ladies looking to test out their latest product arrivals....

Hosted by DJ Sonia Chew, it was a feast for eyes as models strutted in outfits by Topshop and Miss Selfridge, as well as makeup by Heroine Make cosmetics, further demonstrated the various styles that complement heroine make 1-Day UV and SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV contact lenses. 

I was delighted that we got to try out the the 3 different types of Eyes Coffret lens as well as the special Heroine Make x SEED lens. I found it to be one of the most comfortable disposable lens that I've tried without drying my eyes overnight. I liked the color choices available which looked natural while giving a little amp to my original black peepers. It's a pity that like more color lens, it does not have astigmatic degrees, but I still had pretty clear vision nonetheless.

So what's so different about the SEED Lenses? Let me count the ways:'s UV Absorbant to protect eyes from harmful UV rays, as well as being non-ionic in nature so that it has lesser negative-surface charge and cuts down dirt and protein build-up or contamination. 

...its special Colouration Mechanism Concealed colourant within the contact lens base materials, so that it reduces the chance of irritation as it avoids direct contact with the eyes.

... and an ultra comfy wear thanks to its centre thickness of a mere 0.05mm, coupled with its flexible hydrogel lens material which reduces contact between the eyelids and the contact lens so you don't get that eeky foreign-object in your eye feeling.

Here is the Eyes Coffret in Brown (Natural Make), which adds just a subtle hint of color with abit of enlarging effect. For daily wears, I'm sold on this for its comfort level (never once I kid you not, with my newly dyed brown hair and new brown eyes, I was actually asked by a SCAPE flea market vendor on the same day if I was a tourist since I didn't look local! :)

But the all-time favourite has got to be the Heroine Make 1-Day UV contact lens ($62/30 pairs per box); I mean just look at how much bigger and brighter my eyes look (inner diameter of 7.0mm / outer diameter of 13.4mm)! The new heroine make 1-Day UV contact lens features a very pretty teardrop jewel design for a sparkling, watery-eye effect, and iris edges look more defined, giving me a manga-comic book like eyes!

Here is a closer look of the lens:

Do follow SEED contact lenses and the new heroine make 1-Day UV are now available at leading premium optical stores island-wide. or the full list of store locations, visit

Of course, no peepers are fully dressed unless you have the perfect lined eyes if you ask me! Heroine Make kindly extended their best-selling classics, the Heroine Make Super Guard and Heroine Make Super Keep eyeliners. I am thrilled, because I've only ever really trusted Heroine Make and Dolly Wink (sister brand) to really give me long-lasting lines despite of my oily eye lids. 

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep ($18.90) features a improved formula that features a resilient polymer so that lines adheres to the eyelids ensuring no smudges. I like its  0.1mm brush head to achieve definition along the waterline. Where as, the Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner Super Guard ($18.90) is also 

My little trick to testing the smudge-proof level? Abit gross you may think, but I gently blot some sebum off my nose and swipe it a few times on the lines. Both liquid liners gave dark defined lines, but it seems like the Super Keep is a tad more resilient than the Super Guard, the latter smudging ever so faintly.

If you cannot do without eyeliners like I do, don't miss out these 2 Heroine Make winners! The Heroine Make Super Keep and Super Guard Liquid Eyeliners are currently retailing at selected Watsons, BHG, John Little, Robinsons, Tokyu Hands and Meidi-ya stores island-wide.

Do follow Heroine Make Singapore for latest updates and promotions below:


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