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Monday, January 25, 2016

#Keep Calm & Take Control: Relaunch of Vichy Normaderm Range

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When you have a sensitive skin disposition such as mine, you can get pretty particular over the kind of skincare you use. I came to know about the pretty emerald bottle that is Vichy gel cleansers, and haven't looked back since. So it comes as no surprise how psyched I was to test out the relaunch of the The Vichy Normaderm range; featuring the winning blend of LHA, Salicylic Acid, Glycine Capryloyl and Glycerin to keep skin nourished, while effectively fighting free radicals to achieve that flawless complexion.

I'm pretty particular about my facial washes - too drying causes excessive sebum production while too mild can lead to hyperkeratinisation (dead cells build up which culminate into microcomedones) and bacteria that could trigger inflammations.

Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel ($29) contains no soap and alcohol; and coupled with the gelish texture I found it a mild wash to use daily. It doesn't lather alot, but just about 1 squeeze is enough to dispense a soft foam to wash the whole face. My skin felt cleansed without that waxy, tightened afterfeel.

Following my cleansing, the next step is the Vichy Normaderm Imperfection-Prone Skin Lotion ($32). Now its abit ambiguously named but its more of a toner essence to prep skin and close open pores. Simply dab a 20c amount on a cotton pad and pat gently all over face (I personally like using this after a peel-off mask session to close open pores.) Its watery consistency is fast-absorbing, and can I find this can also be used as a prep step before makeup in the morning to mattify skin prior. I researched on the Falcata Bark Extract; and discovered that it inhibits plasmin serine protease, NF-κB activation and cytokines release (enzymes), which reduces skin sagging, reinforced skin barrier  and  skin elasticity.

For combination skin type like me, I prefer to steer clear from overly rich moisturizers. Hence the Vichy Normaderm Beautifying Anti-Blemish Care ($39) with its oil-free formula is perfect. In fact, this is the star product of the range thanks to its new formulation; with ingredients Airlicium and Phe-Resorcinol to alleviate inflammation and breakouts, and reduce acne scars signs. At the same time, minimise pores and control sebum production. I'd recommend to start with a small 10c dollop because a little bit goes a long way, and the layer of moisture feels relatively long lasting despite me being in a air-conditioned room.

When applied, it leaves a smooth and velvety after feel that isn't greasy; hence perfect for night time usage or a pre-step before makeup for smoothen out application. I sometimes cheat by mixing it with my liquid foundation to make it apply smoother.

Pimple gels are a must-have for me; while I don't get full-blown breakouts my occasional pimple/acne is a definite eyesore to me. I've actually bought the earlier version of the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot ($29.90) during a Luxola sale last year and found it to be one of the more gentle blemish solutions. Because of its gel base, its more hydrating and doesn't cause skin to flake or overly dry out after application.

I had the perfect specimen to test drive; a 1 week-old ripe zit which I dabbed the Hyaluspot before sleep. Impressively, my ripened zit significantly deflated in size, and as you can see the white oil seed is actually gone overnight! It took about 3-4 days for the zit to full disappear, and you can see that the redness has largely subsided and my skin looks less oily than before.

Overall, I found that Vichy doesn't disappoint; the Normaderm range when used in tandem is a great regime to fight skin blemishes but sans the harshness of parabens and sulphates. But that's not all: each product is enriched 
with rejuvenating, rebalancing and reinforcing properties of volcano remineralizing Vichy Thermal Spa Water, it gets my vote for being a very affordable but very effective skincare range for everyday use! Especially so if you need specialised care for blemish prone skin; perfect for our local humid climate. 

The new Normaderm range is currently available at Derma Center (#02-33 Westgate Mall) and major pharmacies like Watsons, Guardian and Unity. 

 Thank you Vichy Singapore for giving me skin I can be confident in!


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