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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reveal your skin's true clarity with CNP Laboratory Doctoray White Peel

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I've always been abit mystified about peeling treatments; the word PEEL might seem daunting to most. But along with the K-wave trend of more and more celebrities turning to this as away to achieve make-up optimal skin, I decided to give it a shot with  CNP’s Doctoray White Peel, a 3-step regimen that promises visible results after the first use.

Unlike traditional scrubs, the Doctoray White Peel will not damage living cells in new dermal layers, because the program eschews the tradition AHA  for polyhydroxy acid. This fool-proof, easy to follow program uses alpha-bisabolol (a kind of essential oil extract from Chamomile) and argan oil to provide anti-ageing and whitening benefits! While being mild on skin, the programme promises to powerfully eliminate dead skin cells to reveal clarfied skin. 

When applied, I experience an immediate slight prickly sensation as the White Peel Emulsion worked its magic on my skin. Its souffle gelish consistency spreads easily and evenly with the flat-headed, fine bristled brush. It appears as a faint white cast before becoming a glossy transparent layer as it dries. Now I have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and inflammation when encountering too harsh a product, but was happy to note that this gave me no such problems thanks to their use of polyhydroxy acid (PHA). 

The next step is to use the Post-peel pH Balance Pads, which comes in a neat package of 3 moistened cotton sheets that are saturated with the Portulaca Oleracea extract (a natural herb antibiotic) and Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium oil), to help counter-act the acidity of the peel on skin, and replace nourishment. 1 sheet is pretty much enough to coolly cleanse the face; but I used 2 just in case. You can wash any residue off with warm water should you require, which I feel help to do a thorough clean. 

The final step is to use apply the R2 Skin Reset Barrier Cream, after applying your regular skincare. 
I decided to opt for gentler moisturizer in the form of DCS Aquaderm Day Cream (click to read my earlier review), before slathering the generous amount on after. In a short span of 2-3 monutes, I can see/feel my skin settling down in comfortable moisture. You are recommended to continue doing so in mornings and evenings to optimize and fortify skin.

What's impressive is that I can see a obvious brightening of my once dull complexion. Running my fingers over, I feel that skin texture is relatively less bumpy than before; and most amazingly is that the appearance of my pores looked minimized and clarified (perhaps because all those embedded crap is finally removed?!) I also noticed that some ripe pimple seeds have been removed (perhaps due to peel process) and pleased to note there was no obvious reddening downtime. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the doing the treatment myself; for one, its WAYYYY cheaper than a professional job and I think the results really justify the pocket-friendly price. Plus, for someone with eczema and sensitive skin, I found it really mild to use. Looking forward to incorporating this as a monthly regime!

The Doctoray White Peel Single Set (S$58.00) and R2 Real Madecassoside Cream 12ml (S$40) can be purchased online at

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