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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#WhyOfficeSoCold : Stay Warm & Moisturised with Himalaya Herbals!

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In a blink of an eye, we're now approaching summer and boy are temperatures heating up! Not sure about you but my first instincts are to crank up the coolness of air-conditioning in my office. But while we rejoice in the temporary cool salvation, the long hours of exposure to the cold actually strips skin of its natural oils- thus causing it lose it's natural elasticity and resulting in dry and flaky skin!

Thankfully, Himalaya Herbals is here to remind us the importance of proper moisturisation, especially in the habitat we spend the most time in - our office!

When I was in France 2 months ago, moisturising was my daily never-miss ritual. However now back in sunny Singapore, I think I speak of most when it comes to overlooking the fact that air conditioner s also replicate the same effect of dryness, since we are mostly fighting the local humidity most of the time. 

Himalaya Herbals recommends that the optimal temperature of the office air should not be set below 25 degrees. This is because too cold a temperature can cause one to feel drowsy, thus losing focus and  reducing productivity ...and may even lead to increased errors at work. #blameitonthecold

Easiest way to know if your workplace is getting too frigid?
Simple:If you have to layer on a sweater daily as part of your everyday office attire, then your office is probably too cold.

So what does this awesome HOT kit consist of? Let me show you!
  •  Himalaya Herbal’s Nourishing Skin Cream: for long-lasting moisturisation for the while body!
  •  Hydrating Lip Balm: ultra hydrating without that sticky, greasy afterfeel
  • Packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate: Yummy, sweet hot chocolate to warm you from inside out!
4 sets of lipbalm & the Nourishing Skin Cream to go around!
Additional sets of this office warmth survival kit, in special quirky boxes! 

Have the EWU (Emergency Warmth Unit) come to your office rescue!
To redeem a complimentary HOT Kit (valued at S$76), register online via from 1 May till 30 June 2016 and nominate two colleagues to share the warmth with. And if it pleases you, you and your colleagues can also opt to have your HOT Kit delivered by the Himalaya Herbals Polar Bear! Check out the super cute and funny video of a delivery made:

I'm excited to team up with my dear Himalaya Herbals Singapore to giveaway 3 HOT Kits to some very lucky here's how to win!

1) Like Himalaya Herbals and Junedujour on Facebook
2) Like @Himalayaherbsg and @Junedujour on Instagram
3) Tell me one of the tips to stay moisturised in the office in the blog comments section below.
4) Then Tag 3 friends/ colleagues that you want to share the kit with on my facebook post!

The giveaway is open to Singapore residents only, and all winners will be announced on 10 June, 11.59pm. 

For more information on this cute and meaningful campaign, do check out Himalayas Herbals at the below: 


  1. Moisture every 4 hrs in an air conditioned room. Applying hand cream to the bank of hand & rub it in with the back of other hand & spread out with palm to fully utilise the cream...

  2. One of the tips is moisture every 4 hours in an air-conditioned room.

  3. Liked both page
    Like both instagram
    IG: siti-aishah-yeo

    One of the tips to stay moistured are moisturise every 4hrs in an air conditioned office & keep an in-office humidifer or skin cooling mist at our desk to quench our skin throughout the day.

  4. Liked both page & instagram
    One of the tips are to stay moisturise in air-con room are applying hand cream at the back of our hands & moisturise with hand cream every 4hrs to prevent our skin from drying��

  5. Moisture every 4 hours in an air conditioned office by apply Himalaya Herbal's Nourishing Skin cream for long lasting moisturisation and prevent dryness skin.

  6. Moisturise dry lips and skin as often as required and hydrate by drinking lots of water.

  7. Liked both FB pages ( Alice Jun )

    Followed in IG ( @iamalicetan )

    As my skin is the sensitive type , when office is cold , it starts to itch , especially my hands . Therefore , I stay moisturized by applying hand cream , lip balm & drink plenty of water ( tend to feel very thirsty too ) .

    Email address :

  8. Give your face a mid-day boost by pressing face serum or facial oil gently against your makeup with your palm!

  9. Hi June! Heard about this from my friend.. here you go.. Moisturize lips with lip balm at the start of the day and use shea butter cream to moisturize skin! :) -Elaine Bay

  10. One of the tips to stay moistured are moisturise every 4hrs in an air conditioned office & keep an in-office humidifer or skin cooling mist at our desk to quench our skin throughout the day.

  11. Wear a pair of cotton gloves after applying hand cream to allow the cream to penetrate deep into your skin :)

  12. Use an in-office humidifier or skin cooling mist at your desk to quench your skin all day and keep it moisturised

  13. Moisture every 4 hours in an air conditioned office.
    Keep an in-office humidifier at our desk to quench our skin throughout the day.

    Siaw Hoon New


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