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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The answer to dull skin and dark spots: For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Range

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I've been having quite some success with home treatment ranges so I was pretty stoked to see that For Beloved One has just launched its Mandelic Acid series, which promises to booster skin renewal by shrinking pores, reduce acne scars, and eliminate whiteheads for brighter and flawless-looking skin. But wait...what is Mandelic Acid and what's the big deal, you might ask?

Mandelic Acid is actually extracted from precious bitter almonds, and is milder than other types of acids used in beauty products. It starts by softening and boostering skin’s surface revnewal so as to effectively lighten skin's fairness. As a preventive measure, MandelicAcid also helps restrict tyrosinase production (the hormone that causes dark spots) and block melanin accumulation, giving you brighter and more luminous skin over time.

I start off by using a cotton pad to apply the For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Renewal Toner ($38) watery texture, which is delightful and gets almost immediately absorbed into skin. Alternatively, I like to pat this into my skin with my fingers to prep skin and close pores before makeup. I believe this step is important to gently soften, cleanse skin’s surface to efficiently brighten skin and prime it for better absorbption for the rest of the range.

Now that skin is primed and prepped, I'm using the For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Renewal Lotion ($42) to nourish the skin. It's imbued with patented genetic moisturizing ingredient Revidrate™; sounds flashy but it actually means it boosters skin’s capability to self-generate natural NMF and Ceramides for natural hydration. Also, it also uses Subliskin™ and Undaria Pinnatifida (aka Seaweed) Extract to also help and soothe skin after the stimulation caused by AHA.

It pumps out to be a milky viscous gelish lotion that glides smoothly onto skin to give a silky, moisturised after-feel without any greasiness. I found it to be very mild and gentle that it's my choice of use after facial treatments when my face is feeling raw. Do go sparing though, I found it abit on the rich side. Believe that this could be a good option to bring for cold weather holidays.

The star product has to be For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Advanced Renewal Serum ($55 for 15ml), contains a high concentration of 20% of Mandelic Acid for effective skin renewal, and now comes imbued additionally with Betapur™ and SyriCalm CLR™ for oil control and soothing benefits; which is perfect for oily combination skin like mine. It comes in a petite dropper bottle which makes it easy to gauge the amount (just 1 full squeeze worth is enough for spot area treatment).

The serum itself feels watery and lightweight in texture, and since I only use it as spot treatments daily, after the toner. It gets absorbed fast into skin, which I then layer over with the lotion. After about 2 weeks, I could observe some lightening in the areas which I have some pigmentation and blemish scar issues.

I'm pretty impressed; I initially did not have much high hopes for this as I've been using a number of brightening essences but with little success. Not this: as compared side by side, the blemish scars on my right cheek was visibly diminished so much so that you can tell the difference. What was previously the bane of existence slowly become a very faint blot that is almost invisible if I dab some concealer (which was possible before).

In both instances, I am only using the Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion, no powder.

While I love my earlier For Beloved One sleeping mask, I like to alternate it with the new ForBelovedOne Melasleep Brightening Lumi KeyBio Cellulose Mask. It uses Lumiskin Wonderlight Matrixyl 3000, which is a blend of repair and brightening technology, to penetrate deep into skin layers to encourage collagen production and elastin to store skin to suppleness and radiance.

I prefer Cellulose material-masks than the fabric-sheet mask types: they spread onto your face better, locks in moisture better since evaporation isn't as fast and it feels almost like second skin. Do be careful when removing it from the packet, it's very generously drenched that it does drip quite abit so don't waste it by smoothing it all over your neck and decollege area. I think while its on the more pricer end of mask products, it left my skin looking supple and noticeably dewy, and my open pores looked more minimized thanks to the hydrating boost.  

Overall, its one of the better home treatment ranges that I've encountered so far. I think the brand really created the range with a good formulation that not just brightens my skin but stills delivers a good nourishing result. Plus, I'm so glad to find a brightening treatment to finally solve my blemish scar issue! All the products reviewed here is currently retailing at all Sephora stores islandwide.

Speaking of which: I'm delighted to inform that ForBelovedOne is giving away 2 sets of the For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Advanced Renewal Serum to my readers, so here's how to win yourself a set worth $55!

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3) Tell me why you wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum in the blog comments section below.
4) Then Tag 3 friends/ colleagues that you want to share the kit with on the Facebook post! 

The giveaway is open to Singapore residents only, and all winners will be announced on 31 August. Good luck everyone!



  1. Hoping to win this coz I have been a fan of For Beloved One for the longest time and I have dull skin and hope that my skin will benefit from this newly launched Mandelic Acid Advanced Renewal Serum. Tks! Hope to win!

  2. I wish to win because I want to have snow white skin and mostly importantly flawless skin to make heads turn ��

  3. I wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum because I love this product's skincare benefits to achieve perfect, baby like skin, brightens complexion, clears pores, exfoliates firms and prevents wrinkles which really helpful in improving my skin conditions. It's also home convenient and easy to make skin peeling treatment.

    Done Followed, Liked & Shared. ❤

    Fb: Casy Ang
    IG: @angcasy

  4. I wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum because I got a freakles and dark spots on my face due to long hours of sun exposure. Hope to lighten the dark spots and achieve flawless skin.

    FB: Shirley Tay Shirley

  5. I wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum because I have an uneven skin tone and dull skin. Hope this product will help me to improve my complexion and overcome the fear of looking at the mirror.
    FB: Helen Bain

  6. I wish to win the awesome Mandelic Acid Serum for my wife to help her lighten and remove the stubborn dark spots, like pimple marks and freckles.

    FB Jam Quek
    IG jamqk

  7. I sincerely hope to win this Mandelic Acid Serum to improve my dull skin and dark spots to become radiant complexion as my big day (wedding) is on this Christmas Eve! This will be the most wonderful wedding blessing and gift!

  8. I wish to win this awesome Mandelic Acid Serum to lighten dark spots and pimple marks for a radiant and flawless complexion.

  9. I wish to win this Mandelic Acid Serum. I have sensitive skin and is rather particular and cautious with what I put on my face. I trust For Beloved One products as I'm currently using their Advanced Whitening Arbutin Essence. With noticeably better skin complexion and fairer skin, I'll give the credit to For Beloved One. I too hope that the Mandelic Acid Serum is just as effective to relieve my adult acnes and diminish the size of my pores giving me a brighter complexion.

  10. I wish to win this because i having a oily skin and aging problem so i need help now. To get my skin boost up now and maintain like my 20s.

  11. I wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum becos I want so much to remove the dark marks & pigmentation. Having a more clear & bright skin will boost my confidence especially at work when I am constantly meeting alot with customers & vendors.

    IG fattayam
    FB chay hwai

  12. I wish to win the Mandelic Acid Serum because I believe what you blogged! If your skin really brightened after 21 days, I want to achieve that skin too!

  13. As I age, my skin has gotten really dull with increasing pigmentation, and I believe Mandelic Acid Serum will aid alot in brightening and make the spots less visible. Looking forward to try it.

    FB Grace Lee
    IC mimihohohaha

  14. I love to try out skincare products and the Mandelic Acid Serum looks amazing. I like to have a more improved skin tone, radiant, clear and spotless skin, looking gorgeous on my birthday celebration in Oct.

    IG sleepyggaa
    FB Gillian Sg

  15. Hi, My Mandelic Acid Renewal Toner has expired, can I still use it?


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