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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The answer to reviving dull skin: Idonae Skin Rich Serum

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I have to apologize again for the disappearing act for the last few weeks, I've been so swarmed with work and have been neglecting my usual meticulous skincare regime. And boy has my complexion suffered the brunt of neglect; my skin has a sallow dullness with areas of inflammation caused by stress. So when Idonae, a home-grown skincare brand approached me to test out their new Skin Rich serum, and I figured to give it a shot...and it was one of the best decisions I ever did!

So what's inside this ruby bottle of goodness?

Idonae uses some a medley of pretty nourishing ingredients such as natural plant-derived Squalane which locks in moisture and hydrates skin while fortifying from free radicals; as well as Evening Primrose Oil & Rice Bran Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and reduces skin irritation. Especially if you have skin rash or Eczema, it contains Rosehip Oil to calm down irritated skin. Also worth mentions is Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine comprises amino acids and fatty acids; lightens brown spots and helps even out skin tone Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline is a plant-derived anti-wrinkle and firming agent; stimulates synthesis of collagen fibers and inhibits free radicals. 

Using the dropper. about a single drop is enough for my entire face. How I usually apply is to rub my hands to heat up the product before gently tapping and massaging into the face in an upwards direction. The warmth helps to permeate the product into skin's pores. When applied, I have to say that I found this abit more richer than most serums I've used; it has a heavier, viscous consistency to facial oil but I did like how it didn't feel heavy and clogging on skin. In fact, its pretty effective in  giving an intensive hydrating boost to the skin, especially on drier area near the sides of my face.
I also love the calming light floral scent, which smelt faintly of lavender!

I have a few ways in which I love using this:

- Mixing a couple of drops into my liquid foundation: Some of my foundation tends to be drier in nature and applies patchy; by mixing a drop of the serum before slathering...the finish becomes smoother, more even and gives my makeup an added nutritional boost!
- Few drops into my facial mist: About 2 drops of the serum and mix it with a neutral facial mist like the Vichy Thermal Spa Water one, and shake well before spritzing over the face. The serum infused gives an additional boost ontop of hydrating skin mid-day.

Although initially sceptical at first, I found the serum to be lovely to work with! By incorporating it in different uses, I increased the usage to find my skin significantly brighter and seemingly more plumped up than before. Its also rather nourishing to use on sensitive skin after a facial to replenish skin's natural moisture level. Love!

The Skin Rich Idonae Serum is priced at $99 and you can get your hands on this Here.

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